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luigi is too busy with his death stare

I have a question to ask.
How the heck does white gel pen dry up!?

the kitty and the honey bun piece of poop
I would KILL to get more markers, but of course, I don't even get any money. So how about you can give me yours to help a poor lad?

Happy Anniversary to the lovable yet hot-tempered character, Donald Duck!
To be honest, I kind of rushed into making it as I only had so little time to actually work on it, so it looks very off. But, you know, it is somewhat better than nothing, I guess. Thus, I had barely finished it on time in my local clock. So to those who live in the east, consider it late.
What's funny was that, throughout the whole time when I was working, I kept craving for ice cream.

Earlier today during the afternoon, as I was practicing on driving my scooter, I got into an accident. Thus, I got a concussion and was hospitalized. I'm currently fine, though I am feeling pain. I was released a few hours after arriving the hospital. Though nothing has been severe, however, I got cuts, scrapes, and bruises. I will need to spend a week to rest and take plenty of medicine in order to recover. In the meantime, no posts will be completed. Once again, I am fine. Nothing severe has happened.

i shouldnt be alive how

I felt that it seemed odd having a white background, so I threw in a lot of blue instead. I need to angle my art correctly more often.

I have not drawn nor colored anything in so long! I've been trying to get back into them.
Crayola pencils are the cheapest tools on earth!


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