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luigi is too busy with his death stare

i lost so much sleep from this im dead
Happy 1st Year Anniversary!!
I lost so much sleep from this I'm dead!

oh no am i gay now
How many more posts until I finally get more markers?
Hmm... perhaps I overdid it on the white ink again? The background was already crappy enough, so oh well.

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What on earth? I'm actually happy about the colours!?
Though there was something I didn't realize until afterwards, I messed up on the colours of Mugman's shoes! And all I had thought about was "oh f*ck, how am I going to fix this?"
Kneaded erasers... sort of helped.
I also did something different for this one post on this page. It made me make the thumbnails smaller than usual, but I made this as two separate pictures combined into one. Try to click on either the right or left side, I dare you.

You know, it's really hard to think about what to say about basic stuff like this.
But on the other hand, I don't care what you all tell me! B.B. Hood is my child!

[WARNING: The following image contains sexual content or nudity. If you are okay with it, then please click on the "read more" link.]

Well, I haven't made any large images like these in a long time.
Though I honestly wished that I hadn't used my cheap colour pencils; otherwise, it would've looked much nicer.


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